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Christmas 2017

A cradle, a cross and a crown

Perhaps it seems strange to approach Christmas through three inanimate objects.

But significant objects tell stories. Stories are about people, and the stories these objects tell are about the greatest person of all. It’s a story with implications for us all.

The cradle, the cross and the crown. They take us to the heart of the real Christmas and show us that its message changes everything.

Christmas programme

We invite you to come and celebrate the good news of Christmas with us:

  • Saturday 25th November - Saltmine Theatre Company: The Nutcracker
  • Saturday 2nd December - Poppin Church For pre-school children and their parents/carers, plus their older brothers and sisters. Cost: £1 per family (includes tea for the children). This event will run from 4.00pm until 5.30pm at 69 Above Bar Street. For more information contact Hannah Zealey
  • Saturday 9th December - Christmas Extravaganza For children in school years R - 6. With party games, singing, the Christmas story and a party tea, it’s sure to be great fun! The event, held at Above Bar Church, will run from 4.00pm until 6.00pm and costs £1.
  • Sunday 17th December - 10am - All-age Carol Service
  • Sunday 17th December - 4.30pm & 7pm - Carol Services
  • Monday 18th or Tuesday 19th December - 10am-11.30am - Poppin Christmas Party Come for a usual Poppin session with a festive twist - we’ll have Christmas craft, snacks and a chance to hear the Christmas story too! The event will be the same on Monday and Tuesday, so choose the session you would usually attend. Takes place at 69 Above Bar Street.
  • Sunday 24th December - 10am - Christmas Communion
  • Monday 25th December - 10am - Christmas Day service 
  • Sunday 31st December - 10am - Sunday service

Christmas appeal

This year, in our Christmas appeal we are supporting charities at home — ‘Basics Bank’ and ‘CAP’ (Christians Against Poverty) — and the charity ‘Tearfund’ away. To find out more about the projects we are supporting, visit the Christmas Appeal page »


Launching 2018 with prayer - text banner

God’s invitation to pray

Is prayer a burden or a privilege? A chore or a joy? So often we can think of prayer as hard work, a duty that has to be performed, so we can feel we’ve done it and not feel guilty.

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