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Mission Projects

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Want to use your gifts to serve a community elsewhere in the world? You may find God calling you to the mission field at home or abroad. 

Expect to be blessed, challenged and motivated as you do!

The small print first!

Our short term mission policies and procedures are in line with the recently produced Global Connections Code of Practice which ensures excellence from selection through to debrief. Our trips are aimed at Above Bar Church members and regular attendees only.  All projects are overseen by the Mission Projects Team (MPG), who report to the World Mission Strategy Group (WMGS), chaired by Paul Webber. Any questions or clarifications please contact the MPG chair person, Bryan Stonehouse.

Our booking conditions (T&Cs) can be found here 

Why short term mission?

How long?

It can be as short as a few weeks or as long as one year. Ordinary people can do quite a lot of significant mission work in a limited period, with the minimum of orientation and guidance beforehand.

Why me?

  • Because we are so blessed! In 2012, God powerfully reminded us that as a church we have been much blessed by Him, and that He wants to use us to be a blessing to others. We each have gifts and abilities that God can use in a significant way.  Having an attitude of humility, and being dependent on Him, you can make a difference for Jesus in others' lives. 
  • Going abroad on short-term mission enables you to begin to understand another culture and another church context. It is good to step out of your comfort zone for a while. It will not be a guided tour or a holiday, but a journey of discovery and also of self-discovery. On your return you will see how the experience has also given you a fresh view of your own culture and church. You will find that it enables you to be a better disciple of Jesus, and to reach out to others with more confidence.

How can I get involved?

  • Some of our Sent Mission Partners would welcome a team from Above Bar Church to help in a project for a few weeks.
  • There may be a team going on an exploratory trip somewhere to see how Above Bar Church can be involved in the future.
  • Or it may be joining a group or team going in partnership with an established mission agency. You do not have to go alone.

When should I go?

There are certain times in our lives that may be more opportune than others.  You may be between 18 and 21 and thinking of taking a gap year. Or you may be a student with a long vacation, with time to spare. Medical students have opportunities to do electives in mission situations.  Perhaps you are facing retirement: older people often have skills and experience to offer.

Where?  Do I have to go abroad?

The thought of jungles, heat, snakes and creepy-crawlies may not appeal. Not many full-time missionaries like them either. But plenty of places abroad are not unpleasant to live in (why do so many people take holidays in such places?).  There are also opportunities to go on short-term projects or training in Europe or even within the UK.

Funding mission trips

If God’s Spirit is challenging you to step out in faith but you’re unsure about having enough funds to come along, we can walk with you on that faith journey. There are at least four ways in which funds can be raised for a mission trip, namely:

  • Each team member makes a sacrificial contribution appropriate to each them
  • Fund raising events in Above Bar Church eg a fundraising dinner, gift auction, or a sponsored run, etc. Not everyone can go on mission trips but many want to play a part.
  • Ask friends and family to help you - this is also a great way of gaining further prayer support.
  • Above Bar Church has a small, but not insignificant, bursary for short term teams. The cost of each overseas trip varies from £300 to over £1,000, but if God is calling you to go on a short term trip please don’t let finance put you off. We have a God who loves to be generous to his people and for them to join Him in His mission.

Your response?

So, will you take the opportunity to serve the wider church and grow in your relationship with God? Contact Bryan Stonehouse for details on 2017 and 2018 trips.

Please find the links to our future trips at the top right hand side of this page.


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