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Music and arts

Getting to know Jesus better, in our heads and in our hearts. Music is really important to people at Above Bar Church, and we’re big fans of drama and other things that help us engage with the Bible and grow in our love of Jesus.

Music Ministry

The Music Ministry team serve in bands that lead sung praise and worship in our services and use their gifts to serve at other events.

Music is an important part of our worship in all our Sunday services, at 9.15am, 11am and 6.30pm. Serving on the music ministry team is a real joy and a blessing. If you play an instrument or can lead singing and would like to join the team please send an email to Dave Nice.

Music ministry doesn’t just happen on Sundays, though. Lots of other events and churches are blessed through this ministry, at events like Church Life Days, youth services at other churches, Forest Fire conferences and Carols in New Milton Baptist Church.

If you want to read more about the impact music ministry has, we’d recommend these books:

The Mark Drama

The Gospel of Mark, in 90 minutes, without props, costumes or professional actors. For more information, visit The Mark Drama page »


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