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Above Bar Church | East

Above Bar Church is a community of people who are passionate about Loving God, Following Jesus and Sharing Hope. We are one church meeting on two sites - one in the City and one in the East of Southampton.

For up to date info on our East site activites and virtual meetings, please email office@abovebarchurch.org.uk.

What we’re about

At Above Bar Church we have a deep conviction that we are called to Love God, Follow Jesus and Share Hope. God shows us his love in Jesus Christ who died to save us and rose from death to give us life. So we want to love God with all that we are. We believe that following Jesus is the best way to live and want to follow him with every part of our lives. Jesus calls us to share the hope we have in him; we aim to do this within Southampton and around the world.

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Sundays at Above Bar Church | East

We meet on Sundays at Woodlands Community College, in the centre of Harefield. Our services are relaxed and informal, and start at 10.15am. Due to current circumstances, we are holding our meetings on an alternating basis in person and on zoom - for detailed information please take a look at our Sunday Services page. Please take a look at the East email for information on how to join the zoom meetings, or send an email to east@abovebarchurch.org.uk to find out more. 

Our services are accessible for all ages, as we are currently not running separate children or youth groups. If you would like to find out more about what is available for under 18s, you can visit our children’s ministry and youth ministry pages. 

Community activities

At Above Bar Church we are passionate about developing authentic community. Because of this, we love to welcome new people, so everyone can join our events and social gatherings. Please note - some of our activities may need to be put on hold or alternative arrangement due to government restrictions; if you want to find out more about our upcoming gatherings and community activities, please email us.

Our East Mums' group meets in Cobden Bridge every week. It’s a great opportunity for mums to get together, enjoy each other’s company and offer each other support.

Our men’s football group meet at Woodlands on Thursdays from 9pm to 10pm. Bring £4 and your football kit!

We want to serve the east of the city and therefore are looking to develop some new initiatives. We also want to support a number of existing ministries; initially we will be supporting Safe Families.

Getting involved

There are loads of great ways to get involved, whether you want to come along, get connected with a small group or serve on a team. Send an email to office@abovebarchurch.org.uk and one of our team will get in contact with you.

If you would like regular updates on Above Bar Church | East activities, then you can join our Facebook group here, or sign up to the East email here.

If you are new to the church, fill in a welcome card and we will get in touch »


Sowing seeds

Sowing seeds of life - an encouragement!

Here’s an encouraging story about the fruit that can come from seeds sown in our children’s groups.

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