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Pastoral care

We are committed to being a church which cares for each other. We all need God’s love and grace, because often life is tough.

Pastoral Zoom Seminars

Between October 2020 and February 2021, we will be hosting a number of seminars on Zoom to help people to think about how we can cope with, and flourish, during the time of Coronavirus. Each seminar will run from 7.50pm - 9pm.

The upcoming seminars are:

  • Mon 16 Nov // Nurturing our marriages in a Coronavirus world
  • Mon 30 Nov // Nurturing our relationship with God in our waiting and uncertainty
  • Mon 18 Jan // Nurturing family life in a Coronavirus world
  • Mon 15 Feb // Nurturing our friendships in a Coronavirus world

For more information about the seminars, including how to join them, please see the Weekly Email, or contact Sally Campbell-Taylor.

How we support each other

Above Bar Church is full of rescued people, not perfect people. And the wonderful thing is that God hasn’t just rescued us to be individual Christians, but to belong to his community.

We care for each other, encouraging each other towards a greater dependence on God, displaying to those outside the church a love which marks us out as followers of Christ (John 13:34, 35) and welcoming others with open arms. The primary place where this happens is within homegroups.

If you’re interested in joining a homegroup, contact Pat Pavey.

How the pastoral care team supports the church

The pastoral care team supports people facing hard situations and helps people build lives and relationships which honour Jesus.

They will visit people at home and in hospital and meet people for one-to-one support and mentoring. The team also organises courses for parents and for people wanting to learn more about areas of life which are often challenging (like sexuality, mortality and medical ethics).

Our marriage ministry incorporates marriage preparation for engaged couples, marriage enrichment for any married couples, and marriage support for couples experiencing difficulties. We also offer input for dating couples who are contemplating possible engagement, as well as support for people who are separated or divorced.

Contact the marriage ministry
Contact the marriage support ministry

Perhaps you are suffering physically, emotionally or spiritually, or you’re in a situation that you just don’t know how to cope with. Get in touch with Sally Campbell-Taylor, or speak to one of the team on a Sunday.

If you’re interested in joining the pastoral care team, contact Sally Campbell-Taylor.


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