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We are committed to prayer, because we recognise our great need for God: in the world, the city and in the life of his church here in Southampton. Our corporate prayer gatherings are a great way to join together in seeking God.

Our rhythms of prayer

As a leadership we have been very aware of the need to give more focus to prayer ourselves and to encourage everyone in the church in developing prayer as an integral part of our personal and corporate life - this links to one of our four key aims to be increasingly dependent on God in prayer and in seeking the Holy Spirit’s work.

Prayer should be a delight and not a duty, it is about developing a relationship with our heavenly Father, not about ritual and we should be motivated to pray together not out of guilt but out of a conviction that this will bring us into a place of knowing more of God’s blessing. However, most of us do benefit from finding a rhythm or pattern for praying both individually and together.

We recognise that only the Holy Spirit can stir our hearts to pray - but let us ask him to do this in us more and more.  As a spur to our corporate praying we are looking to offer a greater variety of opportunities for prayer - as shown in the panels below. We do not expect anyone to participate regularly in all of these but we would urge all of us to make praying with others a priority - do we believe that God wants to hear us?

It is clear that prayer happens in many other contexts within the church family and we thank God for this - let us be bold in seeking God for big things, in sharing stories of his answers  and encouraging one another when we are struggling. Nothing is too hard for him!

Opportunities to pray

All of these and more can be found on the calendar.


Morning Prayer

We pray for the day ahead and for church members - anyone who is in the building or who can pop in for this short time will be most welcome. 
When? Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, from 9am - 9.15am
Where? Auditorium


Tuesday Evening Prayer

When? Tuesday evenings, from 8pm - 8.45pm

Where? Zoom:

Meeting ID: 839 7911 6558
Passcode: 341920

You can circulate prayer requests by writing to prayer@abovebarchurch.org.uk


Above Bar Church, Southampton

City 69 Above Bar Street
Southampton SO14 7FE

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