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Sunday services

Sunday service singing

We understand that it can be daunting coming to a new place, so our First Impressions team will be on hand to welcome you when you arrive.

From 22nd March, we will not be holding Sunday services at either site until at least 26th April. We will provide updated information on our Coronavirus page »

We are one church, meeting in two sites:

What to expect

All our services include teaching from the Bible, prayer and singing. If you’re new to being in church, it can all feel quite unfamiliar at first. Don’t worry about feeling awkward or being unsure about what to do – feel free to simply sit and watch, or ask someone nearby to explain. Take time before or after the service to meet other people and find out more about the church. We serve coffee and tea before and after every service in the lounge. You’ll find someone who can answer your questions at the information desk.

Above Bar Church has always put a high value on Bible teaching. We believe that the Bible is God’s word to us, which enables us to know him and to know how to respond to him. Our preachers are passionate about helping us to understand the Bible’s meaning and to see how it applies to life today. The sermon takes up about 30 minutes of our normal services.

Singing together has always been a part of Christian worship. We sing several songs in each service, with a mix of contemporary and traditional songs.

Prayer is another vital element of any Christian service. We express our praise and thanks to God as well as asking him for his help. We pray about personal needs, issues within our community, and the needs of our broken world. There are always people available after services if you would like someoone to pray with you.

Another feature of every service is the offering. This is primarily an opportunity for regular attenders to give to God’s work in and through Above Bar Church.

To find out what’s happening in the upcoming term, see our teaching programme below.


Above Bar Church, Southampton

City 69 Above Bar Street
Southampton SO14 7FE
East Woodlands Community College
Minstead Avenue
Southampton SO18 5FX

023 8022 8275
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