Big Breakfast

Who Is Big Breakfast For?

We know that there are many people in the city of Southampton who find themselves without anywhere to live. Many others find themselves in difficult situations and don’t know where to turn. If you find yourself in this situation please come along.

Where To Come?

The Big Breakfast is currently running from our City site at the side entrance on Ogle Road

Every Thursdays 10am - 11am.

What Is Big Breakfast About?

Before COVID, The Big Breakfast at Church was a place where the homeless and others used to come for breakfast every Thursday. We had between 60 to 100 people, 50 weeks a year where they could come, have a lovely cooked breakfast, feel loved by our amazing volunteers, drink as much tea and coffee as they wanted and take away food parcels at the end of it. We would also have a 5 minute optional talk telling people why we did what we did and about our Christian faith.

Since COVID the team have continued to provide breakfast to those in need but at our Ogle Road entrance. Providing hot bacon baps, Greggs savouries, sandwiches, fruit and sweet treats along with tea and coffee.


We talk to Andy about how the group began and has grown, and what it has meant to him.

At first Andy was invited to church, but he only knew a few people. It wasn’t the kind of thing that he would ever have decided to do on his own, but now he says,

"It was the best thing I ever did! I love it."

Since Andy was introduced to church, he’s discovered new life in God.

"Jesus has helped me, and I know this is the beginning of a journey"

"My life changed very quickly. I was secure, with a job, but it all changed and I was living on the streets, eating out of bins. Now my life is more in control."

The breakfast group began shortly after Andy’s first contact with church, and soon drew in more people. Word spread about what was on offer, and soon more people began coming to the breakfast. As well as eating, they share their lives with each other, their struggles and their joys.

"We’re a group of friends who meet to support each other"