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This spring the ministry that reaches into the community of people affected by sight loss in Southampton, will be looking back and thanking God for his faithful provision over 35 years. The leadership team also thanks God for his current provision of faithful servants from Above Bar Church. These include; Chris Smith, James Musson, Kier Hansford and Lorraine Low on the Preaching Team, In Catering; Sally Paplampu and Kate Laver, Music support from Sean Kennedy, Publicity from Stephen Low, Drivin

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What would you say to the idea of preaching in a pub? Or listening to a sermon with a pint in hand? Or instead of cheers for the football spilling out onto the streets from the bar window, worship songs were being sung? Well, on Sunday, the Student Missional Community held an evening gathering themed around the topic of “Why Worry?” in the Mitre, Portswood. We welcomed around seventy students to the upstairs room for a chilled evening of sung worship, a talk on worry from Luke 12, testimonies, a

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I was recently in London helping one of my ushers, Iain Bott, knock on people’s door to encourage them to vote for him in the Westminster by-election on May 2nd 2013. Iain is the conservative candidate. It was a memorable 36 hours and I was really struck by:

  1. The commitment of the volunteers. I arrived at my friends house, after travelling up from Southampton, at 10.30pm. Within minutes he had received a phone call from a lady involved with the campaign who said she was going to come to his hous

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