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28 August 2013

Thoughts on Indonesia

Indonesia Blog

What is it like to live as a Christian in the world’s largest Islamic nation where over 200 million of your fellow citizens worship Allah? Where there is frequently the choice between your faith or your career? Or even that you can’t get hold of a bacon sandwich?! This is the reality facing the majority of Christ followers living in some South East Asian countries. This summer 15 of us from Above Bar Church were blessed to go and see for ourselves what it is like.

We were partnering with a local

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6 August 2013

The Problem of Porn

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The Government has recently announced plans to talk to Internet service providers (ISPs) about blocking access to adult pornographic websites by default unless a customer requests that the bar be lifted. OFCOM has said that 81% of children aged between 14 and 16 have viewed adult material online and only 46% of parents have online filters on their home computers. 

At Above Bar Church we think this is a great initiative to protect vulnerable people, particularly young people from accessing indec

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