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Basics Bank Collection

On Sunday morning, like many other churches in the UK, we had a harvest collection of food for needy people. In Southampton, our local food bank is Basics Bank, part of Southampton City Mission which this year is celebrating its 50th anniversary.  As you can see from the photo, we were pleased to collect a large amount of food, which we trust will make a real difference. And it will, but ...

In first quarter of this year, Basics Bank has seen a 50% increase in demand on the same period last year

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Paul Kinvig Blog

Paul Kinvig is a singer songwriter whose day job happens to have been running large corporate businesses…

He became a Christian as a teenager and played at Greenbelt and Easter People events supporting the likes of Graham Kendrick & Paul Field. During these early days Paul had a number of worship songs published and sung in churches particularly in Australia.

Whilst working his way up the corporate ladder Paul was a worship leader and a lay preacher on the Methodist circuit but the higher he cli

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A heart-warming note to all at Above Bar Church...

Dear all,

I went to The Above Bar Church the first Sunday I arrived in Southampton as a respect for my mother, Dora Hall who died the previous Thursday . She loved your church and all it stands for. It was the first time I’d been in a house of God for over 45 years apart from weddings and funerals. I made my way to your door that sunny Sunday morning with an air of trepidation; why? because I perceived I would not be made that welcome because I

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