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19 February 2014

Introducing ‘Refresh’

John Risbridger - new

Following Jesus; Blessing the world. That’s pretty much the heart of what God has called us to as a church.  But recently I’ve become increasingly convinced that he is calling us to a real step change in making the vision a reality.

It was really exciting for me to see the Leadership Team giving its 100% backing to an exciting plan a couple of weeks back. It’s a plan to develop our city-centre ministries, ensure full-time-equivalent youth work provision in the future, invest in new mission partn

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7 February 2014

All about #abcdiscipleship

Whole Life Discipleship

With a lot of talk recently about whole life discipleship and life on the frontline recently, we sat down with Paul Webber to ask more about discipleship at Above Bar Church.

Hi Paul, could you tell us a little bit about the recent discipleship teaching series?

Yeah sure. The word disciple means follower. So the series was unpacking what is means to be a follower of Jesus. We tried to unpack what the bible says about following Jesus and challenge some of our ideas about what it means to follow J

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