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Coins for Refresh

Did you know that outstanding personal debt in the UK stood at £1.432 trillion at the end of November 2013?

Did you know that in the UK last year, every 5 minutes 3 seconds someone was declared bankrupt?

Did you know that the average household debt – excluding mortgages – is £6,016? [1]

But the UK debt problem does not just provide shocking statistics – it affects people, causing great emotional pain and stress. As a part of the Refresh programme at Above Bar Church, we will open a Christian

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I’m not about to launch into one of THOSE jokes (he, he, he), but what exactly does it mean for me: being a Christian living in Ireland?

For an Irishman is it about being a good Catholic? As you are probably aware Ireland is considered ‘culturally catholic’ (with a small ‘c’). It’s the sincere Irishman attending Catholic mass at the village church for the last forty years. But is that it? Do we consider Christianity in Ireland to be built on religious works, or on the truth of the Gospel through

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Whole Life Discipleship LICC Blog

Sadly, stories of work gone bad are frequent features of our newspaper headlines: ‘Millions of People Mis-sold PPI Policies; ‘Tabloid Faces Fresh Phone Hacking Charge; ‘Pakistan Factory Fires Kill More Than 300. The likelihood is that we’ll each have some negative experiences from our own lives too – they may be of a smaller scale, but nonetheless play a part in shaping our idea of ‘work’: that volunteering job that received only criticism and never praise, the breakdown of relationships in a

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Church building external

Suppose one of you wants to build a tower. What is the first thing you will do? Won’t you sit down and figure out how much it will cost and if you have enough money to pay for it? Luke14: 28 (CEV)

As we progress with planning for refurbishing the building, we do need to count the cost. One evening last week, several people with building expertise gathered at church with our architect, David Leighton, to look at the drawings and to discuss a number of topics and the best way forward. The skills

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