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Smiley Faces

Gregg Ramirez foccuses on how we can all share the love of Jesus, wherever we go and whoever we meet simply by, smiling!

I was reflecting, as you do, during a 5 mile walk this morning on something that James one of the newcomers to our life-group was saying during a conversation the other week. He had been really knocked out by the welcome that he’d received when he started to try Above Bar as his church at the beginning of the year.

James has been coming back to the Lord after a protracted peri

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Whole Life Discipleship LICC Blog

Over the past five whole-life discipleship blogs, we’ve explored a theology of work. As we painted a biblical picture of work, we also heard some true stories from people in our church family who serve God through a wide range of roles in society. Today’s blog concludes our series by looking at the role the gathered church plays in equipping individuals for life out on their daily frontlines.

The Bible tells us that those who exercise leadership in the church have responsibility to ‘equip God’s

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