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Romanian Lady

Above Bar Church’s mission and heart to bless the people of Eastern Europe has spanned approximately 45 years. It began with a meeting between the then minister Leith Samuel and Josef Tson, who had escaped from Romania to the West.

Another contact in those early days was Pastor Josef Markus, a senior pastor of a group of churches in Czechoslovakia. Leith visited Slovakia and the congregation in Levice on a number of occasions. In 1972, the Samuel family visited with a wish to encourage the pasto

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Tim and Annemarij Sutton

Tim Sutton is about to leave Above Bar Church to be minister of Westward Ho! Baptist Church. We asked him to reflect on his time here.

I first heard about Above Bar Church as I was growing up in Devon. Some people who joined our church had been at Above Bar, and they were always talking about what a great church it was. To be honest, all that Above Bar stuff sometimes annoyed me. So what a surprise to find myself all those years later, serving as one of the ministers of the church and being forc

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Sydney Opera House (Eddie Arthur pic)

Eddie and Sue Arthur, two of our Sent Mission Partners, recently spent some time in Australia. We asked Eddie to tell us why they went.

We were tourists in Australia. We walked around the Sydney Opera House, took photos of the Harbour Bridge (which is inferior to the Wearmouth bridge in my, not unbiased, opinion) and took the ferry out to Manly. We took a train out to the Blue Mountains and saw kangaroos out of the window on our way back. We also drove for hours and hours on a long straight road

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12 August 2016

Life in China


“Lois and I have been living in China since 2006, and as time has gone on and our family has grown, we have seen many changes. But one thing that hasn’t changed is God’s faithfulness.”

We met in China in 2006 doing a one-year program called ASM (Antioch School of Missions). After falling in love and knowing God was calling us to long term service in China, we married 16 months later and returned to live in China. We could only do this trusting God and knowing that this was His calling on our liv

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3 August 2016

Reflections on Transform

Transform workers 2010-2016

Since September, we have had four young people on the Transform programme, volunteering part-time with the church and working part-time. They have been involved in a variety of the church’s ministries, and we’re very grateful for all that they’ve contributed. We asked each of them to give us a brief reflection on their year.

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews PhotoThis is a year that has presented me with many challenges and new experiences, and has been the source of a lot of growth.

SMD (now Formation School) has def

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