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Extravaganza 2015 - 2

I just love Christmas! The city seems to be in full festive flow with lights up in the streets, the market stalls set, and decorations in shops. Here at Above Bar Church we are also getting ready for Christmas.

For many, Christmas holidays are full of travelling to see relatives and friends. Ours aren’t the only journeys to have taken place at Christmas. This year at Above Bar Church, many of our activities and services are themed around journeys – that of the carpenter and his pregnant fiancée,

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Formation School 2016 - 1

Paul Allcock and Thompy Wright, who are the director and co-director of Formation School, write about how the first year in the new format is going.

Formation School began in September, having grown out of our School of Missional Disciple-making. The format has now changed so that we meet on six Saturdays and 36 Tuesday evenings through the year. The purpose is to equip leaders who make disciples. It has been a really encouraging start. We have 27 students who come from six different churches an

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16 November 2016

A not-so-big weekend away?

Gaines Christian Youth Centre

The recent youth weekend away.

Half term rolled around and by 6:00 pm on the Friday evening we had the top of Ogle Road packed with suitcases, young people, parents and leaders. 44 young people and 8 leaders would be spending the weekend together at Gaines Christian Centre in Worcester. Gaines offer youth groups tailor-made week-long or weekend residentials, which include everything from catering to teaching.

An experiment

Admittedly, this was an experiment from my end: giving up the teaching

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16 November 2016

Exciting times!

Refresh 2 - front

Steve Williams, who leads the Refresh team, updates us on developments for Refresh Phase 2.

I really cannot believe that it is November already and plans for Christmas have been finalised (not mine, Above Bar Church’s!). Time really flies and it is now six months since I last wrote a blog post for Refresh 2. You are probably all wondering what has been happening. Many of you have either donated to Refresh 2 or have pledged to do so, and other than a few drawings on the notice boards around the c

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Mark Dimond

Mark Dimond, one of our Sent Mission Partners, tells us about his work with OM Ships.

I am so thankful for the concept of working in teams! Jesus had a team. Paul the apostle had a team. My training as a marine engineer included learning to work as a team. Working in a team is so important and exciting in missions in general, and in OM Ships in particular. And so we are also very thankful for the teams of people praying and supporting those of us who are training and serving with OM Ships whethe

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