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20 June 2019

Refresh: Summer 2019

Refresh - phase 2 ground entrance

I’m so pleased with the outcome of the first two phases of Refresh! I hope you also have enjoyed the use of the lounge and the significantly improved feel of the front entrance and stairwell.

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13 June 2019

Return of the exiles

Webb family

Chris Webb is soon to join us as Minister for Discipleship, having recently returned with his family from Thailand. Here he reflects on things he’s noticed about the UK since being back.

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Fostering - beach

That is a question I’m asked a lot, and it’s quite hard to answer succinctly. But Rebekka and I read something recently which we could relate to.

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Uganda 2019 - team photo

A team from Above Bar Church will be going to Uganda from 10th to 26th August to support Zillah Whitehouse and serve alongside Christian students at Mbarara University.

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