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A guide to Hillsong’s latest hit.

I feel incredibly thankful for the ministry of Hillsong.

Over the past few years, the Australian mega-ministry have written, as Paul Webber (one of our ministers) put it, ‘some cracking songs’, many of which have greatly enriched the sung worship of Above Bar Church. Three of the six songs we sang in the evening service last Sunday were by Hillsong. We regularly use many of Hillsong’s brilliantly accessible songs, with uncomplicated melodies, but packed with gre

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First Impressions Gerhild

The First Impressions team welcomes you to our Sunday services, prepares refreshments for you to enjoy, is ready to help you at the welcome desk, and looks after you in the auditorium and lounge.

You can recognise us easily – we are the people wearing red and purple lanyards.

Why are we doing it?

God wants to welcome everyone into his family, and we want to follow his example and welcome you into the church family.

Jesus came to serve us and asked us to do the same. If we do what he asks us, we

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