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Youth Jumping

“What!” I said, knowing full well I’d just let my true feeling out to a young person, “They’re coming this week!?” It was the third week of the CY course, and I was already nervous.

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26 March 2017

Engage residential

Engage 2017 - whole group on wall

A group of ten young people and three youth leaders recently headed over to Avon Tyrell activity centre for three days of outdoor activities, wellness and Bible teaching

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16 November 2016

A not-so-big weekend away?

Gaines Christian Youth Centre

The recent youth weekend away.

Half term rolled around and by 6:00 pm on the Friday evening we had the top of Ogle Road packed with suitcases, young people, parents and leaders. 44 young people and 8 leaders would be spending the weekend together at Gaines Christian Centre in Worcester. Gaines offer youth groups tailor-made week-long or weekend residentials, which include everything from catering to teaching.

An experiment

Admittedly, this was an experiment from my end: giving up the teaching

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