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22 March 2012

Phatfish: why was it so good?

Gill Tuck Music (vocals)
Phatfish concert 1

This past week I have constantly been listening and singing loudly to the new Phatfish album, Higher, in the car, at home and humming it at work. Not only because they are great songs, but because I heard them live at Above Bar Church on Saturday 17 March and worshipped alongside 330 others, enthusiastically singing out praise to our amazing God.

This has really affected me this week. It was a great evening of great music, with a focus on how great God is. I think that’s what made it a great thing to organise.

I remember turning and looking around the auditorium during the song, There is a day, and feeling thankful for the song, its meaningful lyrics and for the people singing so loudly. All the hard work organising the event was worth it.

I was thinking how deeply our worship is felt and heard in heaven. I was moved. God was being glorified and His name was being lifted high. What amazing privilege and freedom we have.

The day started quite early for the team at the church building. The band arrived at 8am with three vans full of gear, and there were excited people lifting, cooking, panicking (me!). After a fast set up, a practice and lunch, the six-piece Brighton-based band were ready to train our music team.

45 musicians and vocalists gathered to pray for the event and eat lunch together. Then we had a time of sung worship with Phatfish, a talk from Nathan Fellingham (songwriter and drummer) about the principles of worship and then we split into groups for different seminars.

There were workshops for keyboard players, guitarists, vocalists, PA, drums and bass players, and principles of leading worship and songwriting. All with the aim to encourage and develop us in the area we serve at Above Bar Church and to challenge us in ways we can improve.

The band’s passion for what they do and their heart for glorifying God was very clear and we felt blessed to have spent that time thinking about on the part we play at Above Bar Church. It was also great to gather as many of the musicians together as was possible from across the three different services to worship, learn and grow.

The evening concert was attended by such a range of ages, which was wonderful. There were people from Above Bar Church and other churches across the city and there were also those who weren’t (yet!) Christians. They were all gathering on a Saturday night to hear and sing the praises of Him who deserves them. A brilliant use of time and well worth it!

Watch this space for more encouraging musical events!

I’d like to leave you with a link to a project supported by Phatfish: Turn on the Tap. Their single Thirsty is available exclusively on this website today; you can donate and get the download for free in return. 100% of the donation goes to the charity. UPDATE: You can also purchase the single on iTunes.

Visit the Phatfish website to find out more about the band. You can also follow them on Facebook.



Jackie on March 27, 2012

“We came from Wiltshire as a family to worship with you guys and Phatfish, and it was awesome! We are all still singing, too!”

Hayley Evans on March 27, 2012

"It was an awesome night, my first of many Christian ‘gigs’.
Truly touched by the Holy Spirit, walking out the Church ‘drunk’ in the Holy Spirit was absolutely amazing.
Being able to worship Him like this truly touched my heart, my spirit and my soul. As I normally Worship Him with my 3 little children :) This was a new experience for me.
The Church is so beautiful and I really felt the love of the Lord.
Thank you Phatfish :)"

Ken Howard on March 27, 2012

“An awesome concert!! You are such great musicians and Lou’s voice so clear. On Monday nights we play Monopoly on the Wii with 2 students from Bmth Uni after a meal. During the game we play ”Higher“ and ”Step into the light“ and the girls sing and harmonise, it’s always a great evening. You are all such down to earth people and so enjoy chatting afterwards. Keep up the great work. Have been to hear you 3 times in the last 9 months. Not bad for 80 yr olds eh?? God bless you all.”

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