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20 April 2012

First Impressions launch

Gerhild Haitchi Gerhild Haitchi Head of First Impressions & Office Coordinator (Sunday preparation)
Fi launch Jonathan welcoming cropped large

We had a great launch of First Impressions on Sunday and I thought it would be good to share some of the encouragements we have had—and we have had a lot!

The first team meeting at 8.30am with those who served on Sunday morning was an amazing start. All who had signed up were there and we had our new red lanyards with shiny badges, coffee, tea and pastries. Paul Allcock encouraged us with a few thoughts on Philippians 2:1–4, we prayed and went to our serving stations feeling we were a team.

Fi launch welcome deskSo many have commented that there was no getting away from a friendly and warm welcome by a volunteer wearing a red lanyard on Sunday! Paul Webber thought it was the best Sunday morning he has been part of at Above Bar Church (admittedly not all on account of First Impressions but we have certainly played our part in this!).

We have had a number of emails from the leadership team. Here is one example: “We just wanted to say how good we thought your FI launch was last Sunday. We were at the 11am and both before and after, but especially after as coffee had never happened then before, there was a very good ‘buzz’ about the place. Quite a few conversations were happening with visitors, newer attendees and older lags who’d stayed for refreshments at 12.20pm and the arrangements and the new aspects of the general ambience all seemed excellent to us.”

Fi launch Refreshments areaWhen I handed out the service sheet at the entrance to the auditorium a young member of our congregation passed me with a filled paper cup and beamed at me saying “This is sooo cool!”

After the service I had a hug from someone thanking me for the changes in the lounge saying: “This is wonderful”.

Someone passed on to me that an older member of our congregation really liked the way we did communion: “Much less formal but still reverent”.

One member of our Fi team helped two older ladies to fix a cup of coffee. Later on they saw him again in the auditorium and asked him if he could help them once more. So he went out into the lounge got two drinks and took them to the ladies. They were very impressed!

Fi launch Deacons refreshments chattingThis is the First Impressions team in action. We are going the extra mile and are creating environment that help people experience God.

I am sure that many of you have more stories to share about our launch on Sunday 15th April. Please email them to us ( so that we can share them with all of you. We should all really be encouraged and looking forward to more exciting kingdom work next Sunday.



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