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10 April 2012

Why we have the Newsroom

James Musson James Musson Ministry Leader for Communications
Paper boy

It’s now over almost three months since we launched our new website.

How have you found it? And what do you think about the Newsroom? We want the Newsroom to help you find out what’s happening across church life. So the more interactive it is, the better.

I’d like to explain a bit more about that.

Building our community

If you’re anything like me (a dangerous place to start), there are probably lots of things happening in the church that you don’t know a great deal about. Just hover your mouse over the engage menu above, and you’ll see that there are loads of things happening. And that’s great!

But how much do you know about our different groups? Wouldn’t it be encouraging to hear about what God has been doing in our youth groups this term, or in Cameo, or in something else?

That’s the first thing the Newsroom is about: keeping the whole church in touch with as much of the rest of the church as we can. This helps us to praise God and pray to him for lots of different areas of church life.

This includes things you do too! Since we launched the website, my aim has been to give an idea of the kinds of things that could be in the Blog. But – and I’m sure you’ll have noticed – there are things I have missed.

This is where you come in. The Blog works best with short videos (no more than three minutes) and short written pieces (no more than 400 words), which give us an insight into a particular thing that’s happened recently.

By thing I mean, well, anything: a youth group weekend away, a music group training day with a great band, a walk in the forest, a particularly nice pizza you ate. (Actually, probably not that last one.)

I’ll keep asking people to send articles and videos in so the Newsroom always has something new to read or watch each week, but don’t let that restrain your creativity! Get in touch with me if you come up with something you’d like to tell the whole church about.

Stretching our thinking

There’s another reason I think it’s a good idea for a church to have a blog. To contribute to the noise.

What do I mean by that? There is a great deal of information, opinion and debate on the internet. Some might even contend that the internet has become the primary place people discuss the issues that matter.

Christians need to have a presence in this debate, for two reasons.

  • First, to try and contribute some signal in the noise, to make sure the place of public discussion is not empty of Christian input.
  • Second, to give us as Christians a place online that can nurture and encourage us in our love of Jesus, to use the internet as another tool that helps us to get to know him better.

Of course, I’m not saying there aren’t sites out there that do this already. But if part of Above Bar Church’s vision is to bless the church, this is something we can join in with.

That’s why you’ll be seeing articles and videos in the next few months that try to grapple with these issues. And that’s why I am very happy for you to send me an email with something you’d like someone to write about.

A fun project for me

It’s been great for me to work to build a website that serves the church. And I hope it will be fun for all of us. We have the opportunity to use technology to build up our church and reach out to others with the good news of Jesus.

Please pray with me that God would use it for his glory. And maybe to brighten someone’s day with a video about a kitten.

Photo (top): Paper Boy. Some rights reserved by Dr EG.



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