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20 June 2012

A First Impressions welcome

Gerhild Haitchi Gerhild Haitchi Head of First Impressions & Office Coordinator (Sunday preparation)

David and Sharon Nanson tell us why they enjoy serving as welcomers on the First Impressions team. Maybe you’ve seen them on a Sunday and received a hearty handshake yourself!

The First Impressions team work each Sunday because they want to create environments that help people to experience God. Find out more about the team on the First Impressions page.




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Nicky Edwards on June 21, 2012

“I think the new First Impressions team are doing such a great job. Even on the coldest, wettest, windiest mornings they give a cheery welcome. I particularly like the way that David offers ‘hi-5s’ to the kids. Our girls would shy away from a handshake or even a ‘hello’ but they are always up for David’s ‘hi-5s’. Thank you.”

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