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14 March 2013

Student Weekend Away

Ruth Bayliss Ruth Bayliss Head of Student Work. Responsible for the Transform scheme.
student weekend away march 2013

What a GREAT weekend!

We’ve just got back from a wonderful weekend in the sun together in Brockenhurst. About 50 of us gathered for a weekend of fun in the countryside, fantastic teaching, seminars, walks, tasty food, campfires and worship.

We spent the weekend focussing in on how outrageous grace is and how we can live radical lives for Jesus in response. God is really at work amongst our community. He answered our prayers for the weather turning the forecast or torrential rain to sunny and warm. We were able to really pray for each other, and stand with those people who are going through tough situations. There is a real sense of growing in intimacy with the Lord and deepening friendships with each other which is such a privilege to see. Here’s some Facebook love for the weekend away from our students…

“Such a lovely weekend away with ABC! I’ve learned so many great things about God, including that His image of me is what matters, and that image is the perfect version of myself :) New Forest and a camp fire are also some amazing highlights :D”

“Having caught up on sleep, I can safely say that I had an amazing weekend!. What more could you want?!”

Ahh, can’t get over what an amazing weekend I’ve had! Great company, great timing. I’m Truly blessed! :)

I’ve had THE best weekend away ever!! With truly amazing friends :) And it was the best timing possible!

“Quotes of the weekend:
“Yes it will fit!”
“It is a thing! Google it!”
Great Weekend with the ABC Students in the New Forest!”

To see more photos from the weekend, head over to the Student Facebook Page.





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