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16 April 2013

Feedback from the SMD Townhill Park Easter Fun Day

Ruth Norbury Ruth Norbury Office Co-ordinator (Formation School)

With two weeks to decide what to do and get ourselves organised, the SMD group (12 students from the School of Missional Disciple-making plus other church members and those with a heart from the area) planned to do an Easter-themed family fun event with a talk and food, and spend some time litter-picking and doing some questionnaires to find out about the needs in the area and how a church might be able to meet those needs. 

Here are a few thoughts from the group after the day…. 

  • The location of the community centre is fantastic, right in the middle of their community. People were happy to come to something at really short notice.
  • Many local people were very positive about the event.
  • It was great to work as a team and get a taste of how a missional community could work.
  • The team were challenged in our lack of faith – we hadn’t expected it to go so well! It was good to see how God really works and good to get into conversations with those in the area who weren’t Christians. We felt challenged to show God’s love to all those he loves.
  • Good that other local churches supported in prayer, and Southampton Vineyard and Above Bar Church especially donated things and let us use their facilities.
  • Lots of team hadn’t been involved in that sort of thing before (certainly not actually talking to people during an event) and really enjoyed it.
  • Many stories of how God had encouraged the team through conversations, things being provided etc. We thought about how the day had impacted us – shaped faith etc. There was something very special to serve together as a group.
  • “I was out of my comfort zone but great to try to meet people’s genuine needs through providing practical fun activities for children” 

The group were asked to think of a word to describe the day:

Encouraging. Warm. God’s faithfulness. Promising. Good teamwork. Buzzing. Exciting. Inspiring. Ground-breaking. Friendly. Tantalising! Alive. Refreshing. Open. Easy. Potential. Eye-Opening.

We were amazed at how God worked on the day and challenged us as we became aware of how a church would be able to bless the area. Over 60 adults and children came along at 5pm after been told about the event only 2 hours earlier (with the help of some great easter bunny suits!). 

One of the students summarised what many of us felt afterwards as we reflected on the day and the area – ‘the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few’.



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