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25 April 2013

What is a disciple? (1)

Paul Webber 2019 Paul Webber Minister
What is a disciple 2

Above Bar Church exists to glorify God by seeking to make and mature disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. But, what does a disciple of Jesus look like? What are we aiming for? How do we know if we are becoming mature?

About a month ago a group within ABC had quite a long discussion about this and I came away a bit confused as we don’t want to be legalistic but we do want to be whole-hearted in making and maturing disciples. On a recent conference I attended I was given a booklet by a church who had tried to define discipleship. This took them three years to refine and it was given out to every member in their church and is what they encourage every member to use as a spur in their walk with the Lord.

As a leadership team, we’d like to try and summarise what the Bible means by a disciple. So we have created the bookmark that was recently given out with InView, the content of which can be seen in the image above. This isn’t the finished article yet, but because we believe God speaks to the whole church, we’d love your feedback in crafting and shaping this definition so that we can come to a final summary of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus.

Three things that this isn’t:
1. An invitation to rule-based religion.
2. An overview of how someone becomes a Christian.
3. A list of things that should be easy for Christians to do.

Rather, we want to acknowledge that by God’s grace these are a set of values that we want to devote ourselves to that will help us to become more like him in our character day by day. We want these to help us journey together to become more God-dependent, Bible-centred, mission-focused and an authentic community.

So why not have a closer look at the content of the bookmark above and reflect on it in a quiet time or whilst doing the washing up?

The next blog will have some further thoughts about what each section might mean for us.




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Maggie on April 27, 2013

“A friend in need once described to me how she needed ‘Jesus with skin on’ at that particular time in her life (she had lost her daughter and was understandably devastated). My feeling is that to be a disciple of Jesus that we exude the true nature of Christ, showing love unconditionally and coming alongside others in a practical way. St Francis was purported to say ‘go out and spread the gospel - use words if you must’.”

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