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14 May 2013

6.30 at the Mitre: church in a pub?

Ruth Bayliss Ruth Bayliss Head of Student Work. Responsible for the Transform scheme.

What would you say to the idea of preaching in a pub? Or listening to a sermon with a pint in hand? Or instead of cheers for the football spilling out onto the streets from the bar window, worship songs were being sung? Well, on Sunday, the Student Missional Community held an evening gathering themed around the topic of “Why Worry?” in the Mitre, Portswood. We welcomed around seventy students to the upstairs room for a chilled evening of sung worship, a talk on worry from Luke 12, testimonies, and a time for students to respond to what they had heard.

The aims for the evening were both to disciple our Christian students by providing an environment where they could engage with a topical issue of how they can trust God with their worries as they all have exams or deadlines coming up soon. We also wanted this to be accessible to students who have engaged with our community through social events, and Christian Union events, some of whom have expressed an interest in finding out more (or at least wanting to spend more time with Christians!). We wanted to provide a place where they could experience a Christian service, and see their Christian friends worshipping God in a way with as many of the potential barriers removed as possible.

We had a great time with people responding well to the time together with lots of conversations going long into the night.





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