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25 June 2013

Saying goodbye to Paul and Di Allcock

Paul Allcock Paul Allcock Church member

Sunday 23rd June marked the last day of Paul Allcock being a staff member at Above Bar Church. It was a very moving day with lots of thank yous and surprises from all areas of the church!

Watch the video above to hear Paul and Di reflect on over 40 years in the Church and also, have a look at our photo gallery from the day to see some snaps from the morning services and the picnic on Southampton Common.



Jenni Clark on July 7, 2014

“Dearest Paul and Di XX ,you probably will not remember me ,as you teach so many people such good in life ,but watching this video of you you both ,has brought tears to my eyes ,I am so lucky to have met you ,and hope your are both so well ,and your journey in life is even more for filling as years go by ,I met you first when coming to Poppin ,Tuesdays and Thursdays with my Grandson Samuel ,since then I’ve been blessed with a Grandaughter ,seeing you has warmed my heart ,Godbless,you lovely people ,he certainly chose the ideal Couple ,the same with Alison and John Risbridger ,and the large family Godbless , love from Jenni ,xxxxxxxxxx and family ,just a BIG THANKYOU to you all X ”

Rebecca James on September 21, 2014


I am trying to make contact with Diana Allcock, nee Taylor, Who I have recently discovered is My 2nd cousin on my late mothers side, while following up on my mothers family history

I know from a mutual cousin, Alice, that Diana has recently returned from Africa and this is borne out in this blog. I understand her address is , or was, 41 Cobbett Rd, Bittermere but the telephone number Alice has given me is unobtainable, and I would very much like to talk to her when she has time. I I currently live in Newcastle but shortly will be moving to Sussex.

Please would you pass my email address on to her? 0191 4889127"

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