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26 July 2013

BOOK REVIEW-Timothy Keller’s Every Good Endeavour

Pete Norbury (LT pics 2016) Pete Norbury Elder
Every Good Endeavor Tim Keller

Everyone should read this book. If you’re struggling to see value in your job or feeling fulfilled in your career, you should read this book. If you’re a student about to start your working life, you should read this book. If you’re in Christian work and you want to understand some of the pressures on the secular workplace, you should read this book. If you are retired or a full-time mum, in a vocational career or a temping role, you should read this book.

Keller writes with an easy engaging style. He shows us the glorious heights of the work God made us to do. He will inspire you with a vision of work that makes you want to get up in the morning. He refuses to shy away from how badly work is now broken and therefore how we struggle with it. God wants to transform your understanding of what you do every day.

Please read this book.We have copies of Every Good Endeavour for just 7.99 from our bookstall.  Why not pick up a copy this Sunday?



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