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4 July 2013

Missional Community Update: Poppin

Emma Marshall Poppin Leader
Poppin Church April 2012 still

Poppin is a fun, friendly parent/carer toddler group on a Tuesday…

...But it is not just a nice place to play and chat. It is a mission field with exciting opportunities to demonstrate God’s unconditional love, show support and build meaningful relationships.

Recently we have seen some really exciting opportunities and developments. Earlier this year we put on a parenting course for Poppin Parents/Carers in between morning and afternoon Poppin sessions, with a lunch and crèche provided. This saw relationships deepen and practical support offered.

Recently we have also seen much more openness to Christianity, with more conversations happening, including with members of different faiths. Some non-Christian families have recently attended Poppin Church/a church service.

One mother, who has been coming along to Poppin for about 2 years now, has recently become a Christian along with her husband. The witness of Poppin to both of them over the years and subsequent attendance to Poppin Church and Church Services such as the carol service have played a part in this exciting new commitment to faith.

As one non-Christian mother has said, ‘Poppin is different from other toddler groups’. I think in a way that sums us up, we are different. Yes we want to provide a safe and fun environment for parents/carers and their children on a Tuesday, but it goes beyond that; we want Poppin to be a valuable way of reaching out to and serving our local community, demonstrating the love of God.

Prayer for this and for guidance with some of the difficult situations we encounter as a result of our broken society would be amazing, as well as for more willing helpers so that sessions can run smoothly and safely.





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