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21 July 2013

Serving the needy at Big Breakfast Extra

Jill Brown Big Breakfast Volunteer
Big Breakfast

The Big Breakfast team at Above Bar Church has been providing homeless, vulnerable and lonely people with a hot meal alongside a brief Christian message for about three years.  Up to 60 people come each week and we have established friendships with many regular guests who enjoy the welcoming, accepting and caring atmosphere.

At Easter we surveyed our guests to find out how else we could serve them.  A few have made the transition to a Sunday service but this is not for everyone; we need to meet people where they are, and for the majority of our guests that means the Top Hall on a Thursday.

The survey showed that the most popular options were:

  • Help with basic computer skills
  • An opportunity to discuss the big questions of life in a small group
  • Cookery classes

With these things in mind, we launched Big Breakfast Extra which aims to build our Thursday community further and provide more opportunities to share the Gospel.  Guests are encouraged to stay and chat over coffee, and once breakfast is cleared away the cookery class and Big Questions group get underway. This group has now progressed to looking at bible passages, and sharing concerns and problems for prayer has become an important part of the session.    

Thanks to the generous donation of a number of laptops we are now able to offer help with basic computer skills. Hairdressing and money management advice services are also in the pipeline.

Please join us in thanking God for the strong, committed team of volunteers and pray for more guests to come to Big Breakfast Extra so we can get to know them better and have more opportunities to share Jesus with them. 


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