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18 September 2013

One man’s ongoing journey back to faith

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Paul Kinvig Blog

Paul Kinvig is a singer songwriter whose day job happens to have been running large corporate businesses…

He became a Christian as a teenager and played at Greenbelt and Easter People events supporting the likes of Graham Kendrick & Paul Field. During these early days Paul had a number of worship songs published and sung in churches particularly in Australia.

Whilst working his way up the corporate ladder Paul was a worship leader and a lay preacher on the Methodist circuit but the higher he climbed in the business world… the lower Christ became as a priority in his life. Until the pull and trappings of the lifestyle provided by corporate salaries and expense accounts overtook his faith!

In late 2011 Paul’s world imploded… here was a man who was Chief Executive Officer of an influential business and for the first time in his life was suddenly out of work. How was he going to meet the bills, pay for the mortgage, the car, the lifestyle he had become accustomed to, and how was he going to face the people in his world?

Paul had been my Christian mentor when I came to Christ in the mid 90's, and I his business mentor. Our paths which had been running  parallel for 10 years, went in different directions and our lives just drifted apart. But they had come back together in 2011. Over lunch in early December I said to Paul  “Stop defining yourself by what you do, you are a child of God, remember, that is how you defined yourself when we first met.”

This is the story of his ongoing journey back to faith. 

It is raw, painful, emotional and real. 

Don’t come expecting fluffy stories… Paul’s path has been strewn with many ‘dark nights of the soul’ but out of the journey has come a rejuvenated love of writing songs inspired by his faith and love for a God who never lets you go… A lyric in one of the new songs ‘… the love that I ignore I need the most’ gives a feel for the journey and his realisation that you are defined by who you are not what you do. 

He has worked with a number of musicians from Above Bar Church in recording the new album ‘The Healing Pt1’ including Gill Tuck, Chris Matheson, Tom Hills, Tom James and Adam Collett who along with Joe Connell will be supporting Paul in concert.

UPDATE: The Paul Kinvig night of music and testimony has been postponed until Sunday 20 October.  The event was due to be help here at Above Bar Church on Saturday 5 October.  If you purchased a ticket for this event a full refund is available from the church office – call 023 80 228275

We are excited that the event will now be a FREE event! following our evening service on Sunday 20 October.  You can attend our evening church service from 6.30pm or just come to the event from 8.00pm.  We are calling it a jazz café (although it isn’t technically Jazz!) because it will be in our usual relaxed informal style with time to chat with friends and enjoy hearing from Paul and friends.  We’d love you to join us!

Come and worship this God who never lets you go… hear the truth in Paul’s journey back into His arms… and enjoy some great live music...



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