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31 October 2013

What is The Mark Drama?

Callom Harkrader Mark Drama Worker
Mark Drama

Have you ever imagined yourself having a face to face conversation with Jesus? What would you say? What would he say?

I may just have an over-imaginative mind but I often try to imagine this.  We can talk to Jesus all the time in prayer, which is wonderful, and we talk about Jesus all the time in church and wherever we go, which is wonderful, but I think we often forget he was a human being on this earth once—just like us. Real flesh and blood.

In one month a team of volunteers will be performing the Mark Drama on Saturday November 30th, 7:30PM at Freemantle Baptist Church and Sunday December 1st at the evening service at Above Bar Church. Both are free admission.

The Mark Drama is a 90 minute performance of the Gospel of Mark as theatre-in-the-round. Developed by Andrew Page, a member of Above Bar Church, the Mark Drama is currently being done by churches and student movements all over the UK, Europe and some beyond!

These performances are particularly exciting for me as they will be my solo directing debut. The timing of this directing could not be any more interesting to me as an American. One of our rehearsals for the performances will be on November 28th which is also Thanksgiving in the USA. Thanksgiving is a holiday of family, food, American football, more food, and of course, giving thanks.  It is also something of a kickoff of the Christmas season. Christmas music begins playing on the radio stations, commercials take on a Christmas theme, and more and more decorated evergreen trees begin appearing come Thanksgiving.

For me, how could I experience Thanksgiving and not think about all the good gifts God has given his children? How could I experience Thanksgiving and not think of the reason for the upcoming season, the Ultimate Gift—God with us? Please do join us Saturday or Sunday and relive the time God was man, and lived amongst us. Bring a friend! It’s not every day you will get them to see and hear an entire Gospel!

Come and give thanks with us for the God who we will one day see face to face.



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