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13 January 2014

The Message of Revelation

Andrew Page Andrew Page Church member
The Message of Revelation

The Message of Revelation by Michael Wilcock (The Bible Speaks Today series, IVP)

Three reasons why this is a book I wish everyone would read:

1. it isn’t one of those books which create weird and wonderful interpretations and which should be displayed on the Nutters shelf in Christian bookshops;

2. it opens up Revelation in such a way that you end up with much more than an understanding of the last book of the Bible. You end up with a new admiration for the plan of God in history and a new love for Jesus in your heart;

3. it is so much more than a commentary, to be used as a reference book. It is great for reading through! I have read it three times and I plan to do so again. 

This is the best commentary on any book of the Bible I have ever read. Please buy it and read it - there are copies on the church bookstall. Or borrow a copy from me!



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