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15 September 2014

Meet the Transformers: Andy

Ruth Bayliss Ruth Bayliss Head of Student Work. Responsible for the Transform scheme.
Andy Neal Transform

It’s September, the students are back, the kids are off to school and we are really happy to have a new group of Transform workers joining us! Over the next few days, be sure to visit the Church newsroom to find out a bit more about each one. First up...

Name: Andy Neal

What’s your perfect way to spend a day?  Hmm, Sun, live jazz, nice food and drink with friends and family in the south of France

What’s your favourite animal (and why)? It’s got to be the Pig, because they are cute and taste good! :-)

What’s your favourite film of all time? Too many but got to be between Top Gun, The Great Escape or any bond film

Rugby or Football? BOTH!

Great British Bake off or Match of the Day?  Match of the Day!

Galaxy or Dairy Milk? Dairy Milk!

What areas of church life are you going to be getting involved in?
Box, Wow, Cameo and Basics Bank

How are you going to be spending your other 20 hours?  I will be doing Carework for a neighbour who suffered a head injury. It’s great fun and he is also a good friend so that makes it even better.

What is one thing you are really excited about for this year?
Getting closer to God and listening to what he has got to say to me, and hopefully showing me where he wants me to go. And I can’t wait for SMD.That’s 4, sorry!

I’ll say SMD :-)

What are you nervous about?  As I learn more and grow more that I don’t forget that it’s through the power of God.

How can we pray for you? Prayer for the nervous answer and that I would grow and that we would all work well as a team and form good relationships.
Also that we don’t get confused between doing work at church and going to church for our own relationships with God.



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