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29 September 2014

Meet the Transformers: Tom W

Ruth Bayliss Ruth Bayliss Head of Student Work. Responsible for the Transform scheme.
Tom W

We are really happy to have a new group of Transform workers joining us! Over the next few days, be sure to visit the Church newsroom to find out a bit more about each one. This time, it’s the turn of Mr Wederell!

Name: Tom

What’s your perfect way to spend a day? 

I’m easily pleased. A perfect day is any day spent with friends doing something fun, a day that includes cooking together and that is followed by chilling and enjoying each other’s company (with a cup of tea), what more could you want?

What’s your favourite animal (and why)? 

I like cats (I feel like I’m writing a dating profile), we’ve got a family cat who is always a treat to see when visiting home. During term time my brother has been known to put the cat on skype (maybe I should seriously consider a dating profile).

What’s your favourite film of all time? 

An impossible question. The Lord of the Rings, Die Hard, Dark Knight, Forest Gump, Independence day, Jumanji, literally anything with Tom Hanks…

Rugby or Football? 


Great British Bake off or Match of the Day?

Unashamedly Bake off

Galaxy or Dairy Milk?


What areas of church life are you going to be getting involved in?

Rooted, Cameo, Students, Firm Foundations, First Impressions.

How are you going to be spending your other 20 hours?

I will be working for Care UK a service that provides health and social care for people in the local Southampton community. My role will involve doing home visits to provide necessary support whilst hopefully being a friendly face.

What is one thing you are really excited about for this year?

I am very much looking forward to the SMD, to the many hours of great teaching and discussions, however I feel if I don’t say Rooted I might find myself on the wrong side of the youth, most of whom are much taller than me. Rooted.

What are you nervous about? 

Currently I am filled to bursting with excitement for the year to begin, as a result it seems nothing comes to mind.

How can we pray for you? 

Considering my previous answer, I thank God for the chance to spend this year with the ABC family, I would simply ask you to pray that I would make the most of the many opportunities God will provide this year. More importantly that in those opportunities I would grow in my knowledge of him, my love of him and my ability to serve his people. 



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