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3 October 2014

Meet the Transformers: Lis

Ruth Bayliss Ruth Bayliss Head of Student Work. Responsible for the Transform scheme.
Transform Team 2014 with Mugs

We are really happy to have a new group of Transform workers joining us! Over the next few days, be sure to visit the Church newsroom to find out a bit more about each one.

Name: Elisabeth Handley-Garland (Or just Lis!) 

What’s your perfect way to spend a day? Either out exploring somewhere with close friends, or hiding playing computer games.

What’s your favourite animal (and why)? Lizards! They always seem so chilled out. I’d love to have a bearded dragon as a pet one day.

What’s your favourite film of all time?  You can’t make me decide between all the Lord of The Rings and the Hobbit films.

Rugby or Football?  Rugby.

Great British Bake off or Match of the Day? I’m not particularly a TV person, but GBBO would be my choice.

Galaxy or Dairy Milk? Dairy Milk

What areas of church life are you going to be getting involved in? I’m involved with students, little GSMA, Poppin, and helping out in the office with admin and pastoral stuff.

How are you going to be spending your other 20 hours? I work part-time as a Facilities Assistant at a commercial law firm. The role is a mix of collecting and distributing post, scanning, copying, arranging meeting rooms, basic copier maintenance, and driving a van around.

What is one thing you are really excited about for this year? Getting to know my church family better and serving them.

What are you nervous about? Leading things!

How can we pray for you? That I can deepen my relationship with God, and manage my time well.\



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