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10 December 2014



This morning, the staff team spent a few minutes reflecting on how God has been so good to us in 2014, here is the by no means exhaustive list... We are #Thankful

Chris - The value placed on the gift of administration has increased! The increase in Social Action and Cap etc in the church is great and we are thankful to have Ruth/Ros onboard.

John R - Seeing so many baptisms and personally preaching Revelation as well as writing a book. Also thankful that the church thrived whilst away on sabbatical.

Danny -  The hightlights were, formation conference and BIG weekend away, getting to know the 
young people and Christmas dinners!!

Tom J
- The BIG weekend away (as a team of leaders, not for just the young 
people) also the Glo weekend away was a great opportunity to build community.

- A growing and mutual friendship between First Impressions team - 
it’s not just doing the work it’s caring for each other. Also Refresh changing the church!

Anna - ProPresenter 
Sunday service presentational software is now in use! it’s been an difficult process but we are getting there.

- The Christmas Appeal advert and that God provided a great idea when we had none!

Ruth - A quote from a member of the Big Breakfast, "I’m not here for the free food, 
I’m here for the answers I need". Also sharing an office with Sally!

- Thankful for other people’s help in his Role; James and David 
have been very helpful

Hannah Z
- Feeling very welcome and incredibly thankful for being here! 
Working with Children all the time.

Jane - Hannah Zealey! Having a ministry assistant is great and a joy! I 
rely on my teams and they are very gifted. Thankful for them!

- The building is still rolling on and excited to see refresh 
carried through. Also the support and fellowship of people with myself and Chris.

Tom W - The BIG weekend away, growing relationships and also a significant 
marker on the journey of Rooted. One of the rooted chaps said he saw a need in his school life for people to see the love of God. Also Formation was “huge”.

Aaron - Vision in youth work, it feels like a family serving together, 
more than just a team.

Sally - Sharing an office with Ruth! Introduction to pastoral care, people 
understand pastoral care a bit more, also progress on the pastoral care review.

Katie - People! God has always provided the right people at the right times, office volunteers etc

And there is also SMD continuing to be an encouragement, Dan Simpkins finishing well and now ‘blessed to be a blessing’ at Portswood, the servant hearts of so many including James Wilkes and David Potts, the short term mission trip to Spain, Transform workers, Student awayday recently, GlobalFest, ABC ministry to Keswick, new safeguarding team etc.

What are you thankful for this year? 



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