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23 February 2015

Our Vision // Above Bar Church

John Risbridger 2019 John Risbridger Minister

Our Leadership team have been working hard to come up with a Vision for our Church that encapsulates, who we are and what we are striving to do.

This has become our strapline and our Vision for the future: Above Bar Church is a Christian community trying to live our lives...

Loving God | Following Jesus | Sharing Hope

Loving God – The Passion This is where it all starts. God has shown us his love in Jesus Christ who died to save us and was raised from death to give us life. So we want to love God with all that we are and live for his glory, by making much of his Son.

Following Jesus – The Journey We are called to be a community of disciple-making disciples of Jesus. Disciples of Jesus want to follow him in every part of their lives, believing that God wants Jesus to be supreme in everything. We are on this journey together as an authentic community of people from diverse backgrounds, convinced that true discipleship is: 

Bible-centred because Jesus is the centre of the Bible and we treasure him. God-dependent because Jesus promised the power of his Spirit to those who pray. Mission-focused because those who follow Jesus are also sent out by him.

Sharing hope – the challenge We believe that following Jesus is the best way to live, but it does not stop with us God has blessed us through Jesus to make us a blessing to others. He challenges us to share his blessing with the world, by proclaiming the good news of Jesus and demonstrating his love in action. We aim to do this within the city of Southampton, across the world and in our contribution to the wider church.



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