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27 May 2015

Ros reflects on Prayer Night

Ros Briggs 2019 Ros Briggs CAP Centre Manager
CAP prayer reflections 2

The 11th May was an exciting time for praying for the work of CAP. All 3 of the Southampton centres were represented, together with individuals from churches around the city who support the work of CAP. The centres pray together every few months and in May Above Bar hosted this meeting.

We began with reminding ourselves about the God whom we serve and God’s heart for the poor and broken. We then gave thanks for the work throughout the city:

Please give thanks for the good relationships our centre has with referral agents. Please pray for wisdom about which other agencies we might approach and that these relationships would continue to be good and fruitful.

Please give thanks for the excellent befrienders and those who faithfully come out on visits. Pray that God would bless them richly as they give their time and make the work possible. Please pray for others too to come forward to assist with befriending clients.

Please pray for clients that they would be drawn to Christ through the work of CAP and the churches.

Please give thanks for the expanding work. Since October we now have a new centre at ABC and 3 new debt coaches who started in March at the other Southampton centres. Praise the Lord for further people joining and please pray that clients would approach CAP, both for support for their debts but also to hear about Christ.

Several clients are attending Alpha – please pray that God would speak to their hearts through this.

Special point for intercession: may the Lord call more to become Befrienders – and may they obey! 

We then prayed for specific requests for clients for all 3 centres. 

Finally we looked to the future. We have an opportunity to invite all clients to events over the weekend of 3-5 July. These events will include a presentation of the gospel. We also heard about the forthcoming CAP Money courses. These are courses to help people build and live within a budget. They are designed for anyone, not just those in debt.

We remembered alarming statistics illustrating why the need for CAP is so great:

The recent Crisis report showed that 11.9 per 100 claimants were sanctioned in Southampton – the 3rd highest nationally.

34% of clients had either attempted suicide or seriously considered suicide before contacting CAP.

Finally, we prayed together for needs across our world. For the Government to have wisdom in leading, for the needy in our city and for the victims and families of those caught up in the situation in Nepal and desperate migrants trying to reach places of safety. 

If anyone would like details of the monthly prayer meeting for our Above Bar CAP centre or to receive our prayer letter, please contact Ros Briggs on

Our next Prayer Day will be on Monday 8th June and the theme is Seeking God: The Source of Living Water.



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