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11 September 2015

Introducing: The new Above Bar Church Website

Matt Downer Matt Downer Communications Team
New Website Feature

At the end of last year, our communications team met up to discuss our Church website and the need to give it a refresh.

In the book of Mark*, we hear how crowds and crowds of people gathered to hear the direct teachings of Jesus himself at the side of a lake. In fact, the group grows to be so big, Jesus has to get into a boat just to be seen by all! A crowd of people, experiencing community on a huge scale with Jesus at the centre of it all.

It’s an amazing scene to read about but it’s also hard to imagine in contrast to today’s hyper-connected world. The way that people interact and communicate has changed a lot since Biblical times and although the medium has changed, the message remains the same.

We are blessed with a huge amount of activities, groups and services that take place within our Church and the surrounding area. Because of this, our website acts as the key source of information on events and groups. Since 2009, our site has been viewed more than 160,000 times! With this in mind, we set out to make our website as simple to use yet as engaging as possible.

As well as updating our colour scheme and logos; the new website has been completely redesigned based on feedback from our Church survey and our website statistics. Here are some of the new features we are excited to have added:

Simplified Navigation

New Website Feature 1

Whilst it is great to be a part of a Church with so much happening, it can sometimes be tricky to find exactly what you need. We’ve have slimed the website down with fewer pages presenting more information and more familiar language to help make navigation a breeze.

Responsive Design

New Website Feature 2

Did you know that over 40% of all visitors to our website last year came from a mobile device? Our new website is entirely ‘responsive’ meaning it will respond to look great on all devices. So now if you want to check the Church calendar on the go, you can.

Bright and Bold Images

New Website Feature 4

Whilst information is helpful (and necessary) photos give a deeper sense of what the life of our Church is really like.


New Website Feature 3

Still can’t quite find what you are looking for? A new Search feature allows you to browse pages, events, sermons and resources to quickly find the right information for you.

Sermon Library

New Website Feature 5

Our Sermon library is the most popular section of the website, housing more than 1000 different talks from a variety of preachers. Browse by date, speaker or keyword to find just the talk you are looking for.

We are extremely thankful to Ninefootone Creative who have developed the new site and made it look so fantastic! We hope you like the new site and that these changes will be a blessing to you and everyone who visits! The medium has changed but the message of hope in Christ, will always remain the same.

As is often the way with projects such as these, we are still ironing out a few of the creases so if you spot anything that is amiss, please do get in touch!

*Mark 4:1 - (Try highlighting this link!)


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Robin Littler on October 1, 2015

“The new site looks fantastic so congratulations to all involved - we thank God for you. To maintain this high standard it would be good to have correct spelling throughout so ( speaking as an ex teacher ) please add another M to ”slimed" in the simplified navigation section to clarify the meaning.

Thanks and well done everyone."

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