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15 February 2016

Looking for truth in a noisy world- Youth Ministry at Above Bar Church

Head of Youth Ministry 2012-2019 Head of Youth Ministry

“What on earth is that?!” one young person said to me as I pulled out a cassette tape I had just found.

We are now in our 4th year of finding teenagers that were born on or after the millennium, I know, shocking! We found an old slide projector in one of the cupboards in church just before Christmas and some of the young people found it so exciting they decided to get the experience uploaded to Instagram right there and then.

The sad thing for many young people today is that they are growing up in an increasingly noisy world. With opinions and facts being mixed together, information accessible instantly and hours spent forming and maintaining identities online, young people are finding it harder and harder to find genuine answers to deep questions. I am speaking generally of course, but you understand the point.

The great thing for many young people is the increased freedom to be who they choose to be. To discover new things and explore different opinions, but the truth is, that no matter how old you get, there has always been one quest that has united both old and young: The quest for truth!

As much as we try, this quest never goes away; as soon as we push it down as unimportant it pops back up again and grips the attention as yet another person claims to have found “the truth”. Do not believe the stereotype of young people, they are not brainless, device flicking, cyber bullying, bored computer gamers. Although they generally do enjoy life online many of them are vibrant, excited, hilarious and extremely skilled and hardworking. They have been pushed further, taught more, had more pressure placed on their shoulders than we ever had to deal with.

At Above Bar Church we are deeply passionate about young people. We want to give them all the opportunities we can to be who God has made them to be whether they’re Christian or not. Amidst the fantastic community of young people already at Above Bar we want to provide any young person that has contact to have the opportunity to ask the big questions in life as they continue their quest for the answer to that very famous question in the Bible “What is truth?” But we want to do that with as much fun as we can have along the way.

Do you know any young people in Southampton? Fancy showing them the new video and see what they say? If they want to come I’d love you to get in contact with me.



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