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21 March 2016

Who is Jesus to you? - Passion Retold in Southampton

Neil Maddock Neil Maddock Writer and Director, Passion Retold
Southampton Guildhall Square

Who is Jesus? How would you answer if someone came and asked you this question?

The Bible says that we are to ‘always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have’ (1 Peter 3:15, NIV). The Passion Retold is a way to answer this question - by introducing people to the man, Jesus Christ, the hope of the world.

The production will take place in Southampton Guildhall Square on Good Friday from 11:30am, and is performed by ten actors on stage, accompanied by a live band of musicians. 

We will tell the Easter story and challenge people to think for themselves about who Jesus is, and the difference he can make in their lives.

We will hear from Judas, Peter, Pilate, and Mary, as well as the Priests and, of course, Jesus himself. We will take the audience through the events that led to the crucifixion of the Saviour of the World, but all the while hearing what Jesus meant to these characters, and how he affected their lives.

The Passion Retold is an ideal opportunity to bring friends, families, and neighbours to see and hear the gospel message brought to life in a way that will encourage them to answer this all-important question for themselves: Who is Jesus? And what shall I do with Him?

Please come and celebrate your own faith in this way, and think about who you can bring with you.

For more details about Passion Retold, visit the website or connect on Facebook or Twitter.



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