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27 May 2016

‘Let the children come to me’

Jane Watkins Jane Watkins Head of Children’s Ministry
Poppin - Nicola Musson

On Sunday morning, we sang and thought about trusting in God through life’s difficulties. We long for the children in the church, and their parents and carers, to learn what it means to rely on God in all of life.This is why Paul and Di Allcock recently ran a session on ‘faith in families’ during a Saturday afternoon Mini-WOW. And we want to see more people from outside the church come in and discover our God who gives life, who can be relied on, and who has conquered death (2 Corinthians 1:1–11). 

Exciting opportunities

Hundreds of parents come in to the church each week: many are church parents, but Poppin – our parent/carer and toddler group – brings in many from outside. There are so many openings for the gospel.

Last Monday, one of our helpers was able to share her faith for the first time with a grandmother who came to Poppin. Please pray for that grandmother to come back and want to know more. We pray for many more conversations like that.

For the first time this year, at the end of term, we will give a copy of The Jesus Story Book Bible to every Poppin family with a child who is moving on to school. This is a great opportunity for parents and carers, as well as children, to discover the story of God’s rescue plan through the Bible.

Wonderfully Made

After the Monday morning Poppin session, we are currently running a seven-week course called Wonderfully Made. Six mums are doing the course, while their children are cared for in a crèche. It gives them the opportunity to talk about parenting and to hear about what it means to be made in God’s image. The mums have so far shown an extraordinary openness. Pray for Di Allcock, Nicola Musson, and Rebekka Webber as they lead that course.

A step beyond

Poppin Church is a step on beyond Poppin. It takes place twice a term on a Saturday afternoon, and gives children and parents/carers the opportunity to hear the Bible being taught simply as well as sing some songs, do some craft, and play.

Our next Poppin Church is on Saturday 11 June, and we will be thinking about Jesus healing a blind man. Please pray that more families will come, and those tiny, apparently insignificant seeds which are planted would bear much fruit.

Excitement on Sundays

Exciting things are happening on Sundays as well in our GSMA (0s–11s) groups. This is a key term for the children in year 6 (10–11 year olds) before they move on to secondary school and to the youth work in the church.

CY course

At this time of year, we always run the CY course, This is a version of Christianity Explored for young people. George Hale and I are taking this group of eleven children through the basics of what it means to be a Christian. Please pray for God to give them a clear understanding of the gospel, a personal commitment to Jesus which lasts a lifetime, and the confidence to talk to their friends about him.

Pray also for the year 6s as they prepare to move up to secondary school – and for the parents as there are big changes ahead for them, too!





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