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13 June 2016

Mark Drama: Six of the best

Andrew Page Andrew Page Church member
Mark Drama

Andrew Page is a member of Above Bar Church who created the Mark Drama while a mission partner in Austria. The first ever Mark Drama production was in Innsbruck in 2004.

We asked him to look back on the Mark Drama productions he has directed in 2016. He chose 6 highlights from 6 productions.

1. The team works so hard

This is true in every production, but it was especially true with the student team from Royal Holloway University of London. The rehearsal schedule was crazier than usual and we even had to swap rooms halfway through a rehearsal. But they were brilliant.

2. All ages are impacted by the gospel

In Baglan, near Swansea, the audience included a number of people even older than me! My guess is that they would naturally have been sceptical about some thing like this. But they were blown away by the experience of witnessing the Mark Drama.

3. The actors are impacted

Maybe the 15 people in the acting team are even more impacted than the audience. In the Trinity Church Chippenham team, there was a man in his 60s, who was by no means a natural actor, and who must have been a Christian for at least 40 years. He told me afterwards that this was one of the best things he had ever done. Wow.

4. Young people are gripped

Before a performance starts, I often see families turn up with teenage children who look like they’ve been dragged there by mum and dad. But after the Cheam Baptist Church performances, some of them couldn’t stop talking about it - about the scenes which had impacted them most and about their surprise that the whole thing had been so wonderful. That’s the power of the gospel for you.

5. International students want to know more

At St Bart’s Church in Bath, we had a lot of international students coming to the performances: many of them didn’t know much about the gospel and some struggled with English. I saw internationals following the drama in their own copy of Mark’s Gospel and none of them looked bored. Afterwards, many were signing up for Christianity Explored so they could learn more about Jesus.

6. Theological students get it too

The Mark Drama team consisting of students from Oak Hill Theological College produced a wonderful performance. I had wondered if their colleagues would come thinking that drama was something flaky! Maybe they did, but during the performance I could see that it was impacting them. And afterwards some of them were talking about taking the Mark Drama out to churches where they are involved.

It’s a massive privilege to be involved with the Mark Drama, and it’s brilliant to know that many people in Above Bar Church and beyond are praying that God will use it, in the UK and around the world, to bring glory to Jesus.

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