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23 June 2016

Partnering with the Spanish church

Nicola Risbridger Nicola Risbridger
Spain trip 2015 - 2

When you think of Spain, you might think of lying on a sun-soaked beach or sipping sangría in a beautiful plaza. However, for a group of us heading to Spain our (main!) aim is not to top up our tans or sample Spanish cuisine, but to share Jesus’s love with the people in two rural Spanish towns.

From 11 to 25 July this summer, a team of students and young people from Above Bar Church are going to Peñarroya-Pueblonuevo, in Córdoba province, to partner with Peter and Kate Knowlson. Peter and Kate are two of Above Bar Church’s sent mission partners, who have been working in Spain for 20 years with ECM (European Christian Mission).


Exciting developments

If you have been around in Above Bar Church for more than two years, this might sound like a familiar concept as there is a long-established tradition of biannual short-term mission trips to Peñarroya. However, this year’s trip has some exciting new elements …

Firstly, we will be working alongside a team of up to twenty young people from across Spain as part of a summer campaign organised by FIEIDE (the Spanish Federation of Independent Evangelical Churches). We are so excited about getting to know our Spanish brothers and sisters, and about the opportunities of having a larger team with a greater number of Spanish speakers!

Spain trip 2015 - 1

Secondly, we will not only be working in Peñarroya, but also in Azuaga, a town in the province of Extremadura where there is currently no evangelical church, to help prepare the ground for a future church plant.

What we will be doing

We will be involved in running an English club for children and English conversation classes for teenagers, visiting care homes, and organising children’s activities. Our aim is to support the work already done by the ECM team, encourage the local church, and build relationships with people in both towns with the goal of drawing them into the church community and sharing the gospel with them.

Spain trip 2015 - 3

Prayer points

Both during, and leading up to, the trip we would really value your prayers:

  1. For good team relationships and integration between the Spanish and English teams.
  2. For the preparations and practicalities, particularly for Peter and Kate and the church in Peñarroya as they prepare to host us.
  3. That God would be preparing the hearts of people in Peñarroya and Azuaga so that they are receptive to the gospel.
  4. That the trip would have a lasting impact and that we would be able to encourage the Spanish Christians we meet.



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