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3 August 2016

Reflections on Transform

Callom Harkrader 2019 Callom Harkrader Head of Outreach
Transform workers 2010-2016

Since September, we have had four young people on the Transform programme, volunteering part-time with the church and working part-time. They have been involved in a variety of the church’s ministries, and we’re very grateful for all that they’ve contributed. We asked each of them to give us a brief reflection on their year.

Michael Andrews

Michael Andrews PhotoThis is a year that has presented me with many challenges and new experiences, and has been the source of a lot of growth.

SMD (now Formation School) has definitely been the highlight of the year. The quality and quantity of really solid teaching and guidance on a wide variety of topics - from our own spiritual growth to the gospel and culture to different worldviews – has been absolutely superb. Whether you’re considering Transform or not, I can highly recommend Formation School to everyone.

As for my time in kids work at WOW and Poppin … Well, I swapped Poppin for Cameo, but made it all the way through a year of WOW. And learnt a lot about my strengths and weaknesses, and areas in which I do and do not have giftings in the process. It has certainly been an experience.

Sally Carling

Sally Carling photoWhere to begin! This has been an incredible year full of opportunities, challenges and growth. One highlight has been working with the youth team (something I am continuing with post-Transform!). I was more used to leading younger children, but given the challenge, I have grown to love working with teenagers! With the youth team’s encouragement, I am now so much happier leading and doing talks and, most importantly, creating authentic relationships with the young people.

For much of this year I have not been well, which has been really tough. But God has taught me so much about leaning on him, and the support of the loving staff team at Above Bar helped me carry on through the tough times.

Over the year, the staff team saw my gifts and encouraged me to grow them. Evangelism in Bangor (CU events week), creativity in the Easter art exhibition, Bible talks in youth work, administration in the Church office … the list goes on.

Alfred Jennings

Alfred JenningsTransform has been for me an amazing year of growth and discovery. I have grown in my understanding of, and love for, God both through the learning at SMD and by seeing Him powerfully at work in the ministries that I have been involved in. I have discovered much about how God has made me and the gifts he has given me. I have really enjoyed being able to engage with people of all ages and very different backgrounds, and the youth ministry has really helped me to develop in my teaching. It has been very special to be part of a staff team which has modelled living as brothers and sisters in Christ.

Alistair Stichbury

Alistair StichburyThis year has been fantastic. The opportunity to serve in a variety of different ministry areas has led me to be active in parts of the church that I would never otherwise be involved - ministry that involves young, old; British, foreign; Christian, non-Christian.

However, in many ways the true measure of how important this year has been for me is the input I have received from various figures and events. Being involved in the staff team was a joy - it was great to see a group of people who love Jesus, with a purpose and love for the people they serve. SMD was hugely significant in my spiritual growth throughout the year, and would recommend the newly-named Formation School to anyone. This, along with various prayer partners and mentors, has made this a really important time in my Christian walk.


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