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3 October 2016

Creating loving environments, Sunday by Sunday

Gerhild Haitchi Gerhild Haitchi Head of First Impressions & Office Coordinator (Sunday preparation)
First Impressions Gerhild

The First Impressions team welcomes you to our Sunday services, prepares refreshments for you to enjoy, is ready to help you at the welcome desk, and looks after you in the auditorium and lounge.

You can recognise us easily – we are the people wearing red and purple lanyards.

Why are we doing it?

God wants to welcome everyone into his family, and we want to follow his example and welcome you into the church family.

Jesus came to serve us and asked us to do the same. If we do what he asks us, we let others see what God is like.

So we invest into God’s kingdom by showing love and by serving others in simple ways. And we enjoy doing it!

We are excited that God has been using us in this way.

First Impressions auditorium host

Here is some recent feedback to show that it really works

From a new First Impressions volunteer:

‘I really enjoyed serving on the First Impressions team on Sunday evening and I am definitely keen on volunteering again in the future. Thank you for taking me on board. It has been an absolute joy welcoming people into the church, as well as working with the team on Sunday.’

From a church member:

‘The discipleship day today was just great. The location, organisation and thought behind it were brilliant. It was great to feel so welcomed there by the First Impressions team.’

From a visitor:

‘Just wanted to drop you an email as I have come along to the last two weeks’ services. I wanted you to know what a truly fantastic welcome myself and my children (in GSMA) have received … We look forward to joining you again soon, finding out more and getting involved with the church.'

First Impressions photo 5

Creating loving environments

The First Impressions team creates loving environments that help everyone who comes to our church services on Sunday to experience God – our visitors, our church members and even our own First Impressions team members.

Hospitality plays such a vital role at our Sunday services. It reflects God’s character and his invitation to live life with him and for him.

We can all be involved in reflecting God’s character to those around us.

Do it as a First Impressions volunteer and see how God transforms you and others!

If you are interested in joining the team, talk to Gerhild or anyone on the First Impressions team on a Sunday.





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