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4 October 2016

GlobalFest 2016 - Reaching the World!

Ben Thomas 2019 Ben Thomas Director of Operations
Globe in space

Every now and then, you come to a place where you just have to ask a big question like, what is the purpose of God’s people?

I’m really excited as we get ready for GlobalFest 2016. The theme this year is Reaching the World. Our God is seeking to make himself known to the world and restore it to himself. He has a goal and a purpose for all of creation and He longs for His people to be a part of His mission.

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature – have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made. (Romans 1:20)

All of creation speaks of God’s invisible qualities, His eternal power, His glory and greatness. Each aspect of creation exists to declare who God is, all that He might be glorified. Even more amazingly, through Jesus he has shown us how we can know Him personally. The people of God are part of that very mission, and core to our function is to witness to what we know and have seen.

Mission - Papua New Guinea

Loving God, following Jesus, sharing hope

Loving God, following Jesus, and sharing hope are the central priorities of Above Bar Church. They encapsulate the motivation, central focus, and driving ambition of our mission together. There is one mission of God, in which all his people are called to participate. (John Risbridger)

Our participation in God’s mission may be local or global. Either way, this weekend is a great opportunity for us to hear about, and celebrate, what God is doing here in Southampton and around the world. So do come along!

Partnering through prayer

God has established prayer as a key way for us to partner with Him and one another in His mission. ‘Your kingdom come, your will be done,’ is at the heart of the Lord’s prayer, because prayer is not just about asking God for what we want, but seeking that God would do what He wants.

On Saturday, we have two great opportunities to do just that. You will be able to hear more about what God is doing through His church around the world, and have space to cry out to Him that His Kingdom would come and His will would be done around the world.

Between the two prayer gatherings, there will be an international meal, where you can enjoy some chicken korma, sweet & sour chicken, veggie tagine or a veggie chilli, all served with rice. Tickets are available from the office and cost £3 for adults or £2 for children. Simply email to reserve yours.

Prayer Night

A very special Sunday

On Sunday morning, Peter Oyugi from Africa Inland Mission will be helping us to think about reaching the world on our doorstep. In the evening, Eddie Arthur will be talking about reaching the world with God’s word, and three of our Sent Mission Partners will be sharing encouraging stories from their work in Bible translation.

Don’t forget to wear your international or national clothes, and be ready to enjoy some tasty samosas after the service!

For timings, click here, or for more information about what our Sent Mission Partners are doing around the world or how you could be involved in a short term team, click here.

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