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13 December 2016

A journey from fear to faith

Ros Briggs 2019 Ros Briggs CAP Centre Manager
Money - piggy bank 2 (Philip Brewer CC-BY-2.0)

Diane was not overspending on luxuries, but the reality of being unable to work due to illness meant that bills for essentials such as council tax, rent, water, and electricity quickly mounted up.

Living in fear

Diane is a mum of a teenager. No parent wants to be in a position where they need to tell their son or daughter how bad things are. This is especially true when the person is someone who you care deeply for and who you want to be able to support and offer everything they need and want. It reached a point where Diane started hiding things from her son to prevent the transmission of burden and worry onto him. The stress was unbearable and meant Diane was struggling to cope, too worried to open letters, keeping doors locked, and hoping the next person outside wasn’t a bailiff.

It was impossible to live like this, with worry and anxiety and a constant burden hanging over Diane’s head. She was desperate to face up to the issue and not bury her head in the sand, but there seemed little option when bills for the essentials were too much. Diane started to become unwell and to give up, not seeing a way out or any solution to the debt which was building up out of control. She was living her life in constant fear.

Money - debt (Christian Schnettelker CC-BY-2.0)

Diane thankfully found Christians Against Poverty (CAP), the Christian organisation which helps people in debt free of charge. Diane said she felt reassured through the visits, knowing that someone was on her side. Knowing that CAP would help deal with creditors made her feel better, even though this was only the start of an amazing process.

How did the process affect you?

Diane admitted that at first she was quite pessimistic as the sheer volume of debt made the entire process seem unachievable to her. However, with people supporting her throughout the process, she could see improvement. She went debt free earlier this year, which gave her a sense of relief – though it did take a while to sink in. She recovered from a situation she didn’t feel was possible, and has since opened the post and been able to open the door without dread.

Money - piggy bank 1

How has life changed?

Not living in fear and dread has, as you would imagine, made a huge difference to Diane’s life. Now when a letter comes through the door, it isn’t fear that fills her – it’s anticipation about who is writing to her. Diane no longer needs to ask to borrow money. Diane has been coming to church and attended an Alpha course and Big Breakfast. She now realises the immense love God has for her and is confident in her salvation.

There are many more people CAP is helping, just as there are more still needing help. CAP is a part of the church and it needs your help, just as the clients do. CAP desperately needs more befrienders to help more people like Diane overcome their debt and be free of its power over their lives. If you can spend a couple of hours out of the month to meet a CAP client for coffee, and spend time with them encouraging them and building a friendship with them, please get in touch with Ros Briggs.

CAP is also part of our 2016 Christmas Appeal: we want to be able to give a hamper to each of our clients as a tangible expression of Christ’s love, so please give generously.

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